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- Lead User Experience Designer
- UX Strategist


- Business Model for Wallply
- Experience Maps
- High Fidelity Prototypes


Image Publishing


3 Months

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to redesign an existing application, which acts as a platform for image publishing.


Redesign the entire application

Brand Shift

Analyze the existing brands in the image publishing market and align Wallply accordingly


Develop new strategies for customer acquisition and growing the user base

Existing Experience

Find the red-routes, analyze existing problems in the platform.

SWOT Analysis

Analyzing wallply’s strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats that it faces


  • Resource availability
  • Track record (similar successes)
  • Creative Leadership
  • Strong and a collaborative team


  • Market demand
  • Strong Marketing Department
  • Broad groups of Artists
  • Licence free images


  • Gaps in knowledge and expertise
  • Competing projects
  • Information gathering
  • Processes and systems


  • Competitor activity
  • Shortage of manpower
  • Very Rapidly changing market
  • Niche population

Investigating how people select ?

The Answer : Theory of Paradox of Choice

How does Paradox of Choice Works


Brand Shift

During the UX research phase it was found that a lot the public dimension where Wallply sits does not resonate with a lot of user group, artists and content uploaders.

Hence after a through competitor analysis, a necessary brand shift has been proposed.

Information Hierarchy
Visual Layer

Select Categories (imagery)
Browse through a 6*4 grid
Opting a desired collection
Proceeding through payment gateway.

Finding Red Routes

The Result

Measuring the User Experience using
HEART Framework

Google’s HEART Framework helps measure the quality of user experience.


Measures of user attitudes, often collected via survey.
Perceived ease of use
Net-promoter score


Measure the level of user involvement.
Number of visits per user per week
Number of photos uploaded per user per day
Number of shares


Gaining new users of a product or feature.
Upgrades to the latest version
New subscriptions created
Purchases made by new users


The rate at which existing users are returning.
Number of active users remaining present over time
Renewal rate or failure to retain (churn)
Repeat purchases

Task Success

Efficiency, effectiveness, and error rate.
Search result success
Time to upload a photo
Profile creation complete

Lessons Learnt

Content Consistency –
Learning Branding

Never back-down on quality and detail

Push for iterative development rather, at once

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