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Lead User Experience Designer, Android Platform


- Conceptual Model
- High Fidelity Prototypes
- Finding Business Gaps (GAP model)




5 Months

Goal of the project


Give the application (android platform) a new and an improved structure both visually and functionally


Rediscover business opportunities and user goals and align the product to serve both needs


Define a new IA (information Architecture) User flows and visual appeal

Not just creating a new experience, but creating a delightful experience.

Existing System & its problems


Complex Workflows

Users had to go through multiple sets of iterations (flows) just to get a simple task completed.

Information Overload

A poorly designed IA (Information Architecture) creates grounds for improper information structure and ultimately the system suffers from presenting excess information.


The iconography, text and other important UI elements have found not to be in compliant with the Accessibility standards

Redesigning Redefining from the scratch


KISS (Keep it super simple)

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Align the system with the user's metaphore

Next start integrating it with your e-commerce platform of choice and start accepting payments.

Reduce system complexcity

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by using Salient.
User Needs Analysis

Understanding what users really need

We have identified 3 major user segments

  • Daily Commuters
  • Vacation Riders
  • Intermediate Riders

The service design is aligned to meet the needs of all these user segments. A extensive user research made the fact obvious that people prefer getting their bikes delivered to their doorstep rather than collecting it from the pickup location. However, the same was not true for vacation riders who were more interested to arrive at the pickup location and select their desired bike. It was very interesting to find all these insights which highly aided the team to make important decisions in the coming stages.

Proposing a simple user flow

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Phase 1

Selecting Location & Timeframe

Phase 2

Choosing the MotoBike

Phase 3

Continue to Ride

“Needs” Before “Wants”

in User Experiences

retrived from https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/needs-before-wants-in-user-experiences-maslow-and-the-hierarchy-of-needs

The Redesigned Product

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Lessons Learnt

Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for incremental change

Consider the business needs and match them with the user needs

Learn to fail — early and together

Show empathy towards the product, Gain users loyalty with standards of service

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